Monday’s are always tricky…it’s either you love them or hate them. Today its a sunny and nice morning in London! for a change as yesterday was miserable all day.
Here’s two songs by 8 Doogymoto from their Sampler released back on 2003, to hear this morning:


8 Doogymoto release their first album for Matthew Herbert’s Soundslike label, following on from debut “Dakewa” 12” (SL04) released in 2002. The trio are a real band of confused nationality playing electronic/acoustic instruments, a pleasantly schizophrenic melting-pot of contemporary electronic, house and hip-hop influences transformed into Japanese folk music sung in a variety of languages. The band are based in Hamburg and Berlin and have been playing together since 1999.

Fumi Udo, the singer, was born and grew up mainly in Kumamoto, Japan, changing school several times due to her father’s business and causing a little social disassociation in the process. She studied political science and Chinese civilization in Tucson, Arizona before moving to New York where she worked for a Japanese newspaper, Asahi, as a do-everything assistant and illustrator. She now lives in Berlin and sings predominantly in a language known only to herself. Victor Marek first started playing guitar and bass in several different bands before beginning to collect a variety of synthesizers and drum machines and building a studio in Hammerbrook, Hamburg to produce his own music and that of 8 Doogymoto. Heinrich Koebberling studied jazz and classical music in Hamburg and New York and now works as a touring and session jazz drummer.

Despite the title, this isn’t minimal music. It’s doogy music.

(taken from DOTSHOP.SE)

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