>If you listen to *GIRLCORE*s radio show every Sunday 11pm GMT (you can find the last two editions below)then you’ll know ClickBox’s Dance of the sugar plums fairy was the track of the week last week… Im loving all things this guys! you should check their myspace and their videos!Can’t wait to hear them live! […]


    >Monday’s are always tricky…it’s either you love them or hate them. Today its a sunny and nice morning in London! for a change as yesterday was miserable all day.Here’s two songs by 8 Doogymoto from their Sampler released back on 2003, to hear this morning: 2 SONGS BY 8 DOOGYMOTO FOR MONDAY MORNING 8 Doogymoto […]


    > I just got my hands on this and even if I’m not a massive fan of The Rapture I like the selection of tracks (by Armand Van Helden, Ghostface Killah and The Bar-Kays amongst other artists)they did for their Tapes take. grab it here


    >A box like the one below on the right hand side of this blog?Dropbox is called, and works pretty easily! just click on it and send me a track you want me to listen! If I like it enough I’ll be posting it on this blog!What do you think?! Send me your track


    > I can’t explain how much I’m enjoying DEADMAU5 promo album, RANDOM ALBUM TITLE. Great electronica I’ve been listening to it for weeks!It’s full of great songs perfect for working to it or just put it on your mp3 player and go places… Here’s So there I was enjoy!


    >As I commented on a previous post I’m totally in love with Lauren Flax‘s first single You’ve Changed featuring vocals by the lovely and mystical Sia (zero 7), my first love has always been house music and listening to a fresh new house track like this just make me very happy! . The single will […]


    > Again through the wonders of myspace I got to know about Chief Boima some months ago… I sent him a message and we talked briefly…I asked him I would like to post something about his music on this blog, that was that. That was that until last week when Boima message me with a […]

  • >Time for Nostalgia… Illia Kuryaki and the Valderramas

    > An another post about an argentinian band…this time one that is not together since 2001, a band formed by Dante Spinetta Zalazar y Emmanuel Horvilleur… Illia Kuryaki and the Valderramas.Their name is composed the names of a character of Agent Cipol and the eternal number 10 of the Colombian football team Carlos Valderrama.I used […]


    >So I posted an article about finish producer Bounce Camp last week. At the time I didn’t know if he wanted me to share his wicked track Big Dancin’…well he wrote to me and said He would love for me to uploaded here as a free download! nice one!go get it! BOUNCE CAMP-BIG DANCIN’

  • >Kumbia Queers!

    >Photo by Julia Corsaro They are a sensation in Argentina. They play cumbia and are queer. This band is amazing! I love their lyrics and their new versions of songs like La isla Bonita which they called “La isla con chicas” or The cure’s Love song as “Kumbia Dark”. So yeah they are a Lesbian […]