Again through the wonders of myspace I got to know about Chief Boima some months ago… I sent him a message and we talked briefly…I asked him I would like to post something about his music on this blog, that was that. That was that until last week when Boima message me with a great surprise…Baobab Connection Volume 2!

Chief Boima was born in Milwaukee, USA, from a European-American mother and West African from Sierra Leone father. He grew up in a small but strong West African community inside a very midwest industrial US city. Where he was influenced by both majority communities of African-American and European-American (majority German descendants.) Then after some studying, traveling, djing and playing in bands of every style, He ended up in San Francisco where he found the Baobab family together with Marco Senghor (of French and Senegalese ancestry), Sogui So Good (born in Paris but moved to Senegal in his teenage days) and DJ Elembe (who is originally from Cameroon). Little Baobab holds down every night for not only the bay area’s African population but also, the greater international community who are drawn to the diverse mix of music and open door policy.

The Baobab Connection Volume 2 (60 mins duration) showcases the music you will hear at The Little Baobab (in San Francisco) coupe decale mixed with hip hop and Latin, Caribbean music and lots of lots more!… the first 30 mins are mixed by Chief Boima and the last 30 mins by Sogui So Good with help from DJ Elembe.

Here’s a teaser of the mix:

No Te Veo-Casa De Leones

(Coupe) Like Me Baby (Chief Boima Décalé Remix)-D4L

Jolie-Petit Yode & L’Enfant Siro

For more info about Baobab Connection or Chief Boima’s Dj dates and music check Chief Boima’s myspace he’s gonna be in September in London supporting Beating by Them