Daniel Boyd-Treasure Island

A few weeks ago I received a myspace message from Down Under…Sven Simulacrum was asking me how was London Town…I replied that London is on fire…its true, LDN never stops and there’s always something good happening music related.
I checked the music he’s got on his profile and some of his “friends”…I liked what I heard and wanted you to listen to it and to know more about this Mc/Producer.
In his own words… “Born in South Asia / Made in Australia. Sydney based mix n mash slasher selecta brings chutney rebel baile bass bhangra bashment bump n grime. DIY/diaspora/culture clash!”

You can hear his music here: Sven Simulacrum myspace

And also you can read and listen to his collaborations with MC Nova here

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  1. >Hey Isa

    Thanks for the Blog!

    I should mention something about Daniel Boyd, who’s painting “treasure Island” is featured on the post..

    Daniel is a young Kudjla/Gangalu artist, one of the aboriginal groups of Australia.

    His work challenges the subjective history forced upon Indigenous people by Eurocentric domination – most notoriously by depicting Captain Cook as a pirate, (amongst other notables of the First Fleet).

    You can see some more of his work here