ETOROS006 Hold Me Down – Natalia Escobar (Colombia/Berlin)
Natalia has been creating escapes via music and her video/light installations, which are always haunting and appealing. You never know whats on the other side but there’s no doubt you’ll want to find out. Pretty much loyal to her personality Natalia oozes sex appeal, which you can experience in her djing and I think it comes across on this session that she’s put together for Etoro. The main purpose of this series being to show you the people who rule my world, I’m glad to present one of my best friends as well as her incredible taste in music.
Isa GT

Intro – Karley Sciortino & Ruth Gruca– Slutever/ Don’t Feel Bad
1. Coil – Window Pane (Minimal Mix)
2. From Karaoke To Stardon – A Black Sheep Is Still A Sheep
3. Invisible Conga People – Can’t Feel My Knees (Dub)
4. Circlesquare – Dancers (Konrad Black Remix)
5. Siskid – Wolves (Chloe Remix)
6. Lila D – Grey Bloom (Original Mix)
7. Dubit – Esalazioni Scalameriya’s Chocobar Tool
8. Mike Wall – Dynamic (Original Mix)
9. Dubspeeka – People (Edit)
10. Glimpse –True South (Eqd)
11.Dubspeeka – Half Life
12. Slow Flow – Alone With Your Mother (Original Mix)
13. Philip Auster – Countdown (Original Mix)
14. Andrade –My Time (Hanfry Martinez Remix)
15. Codec & Flexor –Time Has Changed (Original Mix)

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