>BERLIN: The experience!


Still trying to update this blog and not to miss on anything that has happened in the last few weeks, I have to write about my last trip to Berlin about a week ago…
I was there invited by DAN HAAKSMAN to take part of the BIG BOOTY CLASH between MAN RECORDINGS and DELICIOUS GUTTER, great line up as you can see on the flyer! I was really excited as I was gonna do a live P.A. for the first time in Berlin and fort the first time at a party for my label MAN RECORDINGS!

We went to the venue (SCALA) to sound check and there I met DJ BEWARE, he’s a great funny guy that made his name in turntablism before becoming a more club dj, still though he’s killer at scratching and that makes people crazy!

that’s Beware (on the left) with Dj Showi another top dude/dj from Germany!

I sound checked quite quickly and then we went to have dinner at White Trash, if you havent been there you should definitely go! they serve great burgers and the place is amazing! a mix between chinese, irish and randomness all around!
To my surprise we were joined by Peaches! she was there to have dinner with us and I have to say the woman is the funniest person ever! we ended up cracking jokes and putting nicknames to the whole table! I HAD to ask her to have a photo taken with her to show you all who read this blog… (I know im cheesy) but you’ll be surprised of all the peole from Colombia who tell me they read it! and I know in Colombia there’s people that LOVE Peaches! so here it is!

After dinner we went to Scala for the show…I started djing then Daniel followed with his set and then Dj Beware killed it! with his scratching and mash ups of baile and bouncy tunes! then it was time for my live! i basically went on stage and gave my 200% went crazy and bang my head like never before! the people’s response was great and i felt amazing with the connection! it went super quick and then I was knackered and sweating like a pig! but with a big smile on my face! There are videos of the live filmed by Beware (Im still waiting on those, will upload as soon as I have them…)

All along I had my great visuals, made for me by the super talented ARTELEVISUAL you can contact him for real cool visuals go on his myspace! so many people try to copy him, (a well known london vj was using some of his visuals and taking credit for it…)
RTV is the real thing! so go on his myspace and support this great colombian talent!!

After my live it was time for Don Rimini’s set, he kept the party in top form and after him me and Beweezy came back again and finished killin’ it! Did I mention Aaron Lacrate didnt turn up? I dont think anyone noticed…

After the big night Sunday was a day for catching up with friends, went to see a great exhibition at the KW and then Monday was a day for exchanging music and come back to London!

Lucas (ZDS), BEWARE and Daniel Haaksman

Us three nerding about tracks!

Many thanks to everyone in Berlin, Man Recording’s Dan and his girlfriend for being such good hosts!, the people at Scala and everyone who came and partied like champs until the early mo’