>Some photos from my trip so far:

>I received a message from Dj Teenage Wolf asking me about photos from NY…Here they are my friend!
Some of them I took, some are taken by other people/friends…

This was after my first ever Thanksgiving dinner:

Me and my friend Eric on top of a roof

Me and a beer…by Eric

some of the N.Y. crew:

The boyband and a fan:

New York crew 2:

Getting tanned @ Nacotheque!

-Charlotte are you sure you know how to use the camera?
with Amylu and Marcelo @ Nacotheque…you guys were great! thank you for everything!

Posing with my friends at this club Lauren Flax was playing at on Thanksgiving day:

More posing please ignore us!

Waiting for the train…

I’ll post more photos soon y’all!