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  • >Last day in New York…

    >Soon I’ll be retuning to LDN (what I call home nowadays) after two weeks here in New York…some of the things I would love to say I liked the most about this trip were: The first *GIRLCORE* NYC at ALPHABETA! it was good fun! but next time I’ll make sure I bring the whole bunch […]


    > I’m in New York at the moment, so great! amazing weather and in all just chilling with friends my favourite thing in the world. Last Thursday was the first *GIRLCORE* NYC! it was lots of fun! thanks to everyone who made it down to ALPHABETA! thanks for the guys there too, they were great! […]

  • >Some photos from my trip so far:

    >I received a message from Dj Teenage Wolf asking me about photos from NY…Here they are my friend!Some of them I took, some are taken by other people/friends… This was after my first ever Thanksgiving dinner: Me and my friend Eric on top of a roof Me and a beer…by Eric some of the N.Y. […]