>Time for Nostalgia… Illia Kuryaki and the Valderramas


An another post about an argentinian band…this time one that is not together since 2001, a band formed by Dante Spinetta Zalazar y Emmanuel Horvilleur… Illia Kuryaki and the Valderramas.
Their name is composed the names of a character of Agent Cipol and the eternal number 10 of the Colombian football team Carlos Valderrama.
I used to listen to their albums (they released 6 in total), full of great songs with crazy poetic lyrics/rhymes, funk and great instrumentation. They brought a sound that people in Latin America wasn’t used to but that quickly catched the ear of most people and gave them the success they worked for. At a time were all great and even shitty bands are reuniting I pray to God this two guys start making music together again!

Their videos are amazing you can see some of them here, (sorry for the bad quality of some of the videos…there was no youtube in 1994)




you can also download some of their tracks here:

Abarajame (live MTV unplugged)

Jaguar House (live, MTV unplugged)

Jugo (taked from their album Versus)

Chaco (live MTV unplugged)

Hermoza from Heaven (live MTV unplugged)