>Things Im liking a lot right now…


right so I’ve been shit at updating the blog lately…ive been quite busy though, working working working that in my case includes partying! Last week I went to see Radiohead live at Victoria Park! it was AMAZING an actual trip without any kind of illegal substances! the weather was perfect the place was so nice! the sounds was unbelievable! I’ve never been to a concert with a sound so crisp! and the visuals and light were spot on. So lucky I got to see them! my friend Becky couldn’t go and got her ticket last minute.

Then on Thursday was another crazy *GIRLCORE* night, this time the theme was FREAKSHOW it was a lot of fun, we had my friend the lovely DARK DREAMS from NYC playing some obscure italo disco set that really refresh the night, Im getting sick and tired of all people djing the same music nowadays…
Yeah so my set at the last gcore was fun very enjoyable I even indulge myself with some cheesy tracks that made people go crazy!
so lucky I get to dj when everyone is really into the party (drunk) ha ha ha.

Friday I djed at KOKO with the lovely Jonjo, not many people as everyone was at Glasto. and Saturday I djed at Foreign (Scottee’s night) where people really loved the music I played… I went for electro and hits, party party music.

Anyways here are some things Im liking a lot right now:
-Erol Alkan Presents Disco 3000 podcast (you can download it from his website)
A1 Bassline: oh man every single track I hear from him sounds like an instant classic! I am really into Christian’s work right now.
-listening to SIMIAN MOBILE DISCO fabriclive. that’s what I call good taste.
-Machines don’t care.
-Fog Bank by Boy 8 Bit and the remix by Jack Beats.
-MGMT: the whole album! can’t wait to see them live.
-The Kills: great album, Im gonna see them live in Paris on wednesday next week I’ll tell you all about it. Im actually obsessed with their album I have to admit.