Last time I saw DJ Mehdi was last Saturday (two nights ago), backstage at The Big Top (Bestival) he got me and my two friends into backstage as the guy who was at the entrance was being a bit annoying, Mehdi saw us smiled and ran towards us, then hug me and when I say thank you he said: come on Isa, my pleasure! That is the mehdi I’ll always remember. A true professional, the grooviest dj and a very nice and smiley person. My heart has been in pain all day thinking he’s not gonna be around anymore, his persona and charisma, his talent. Your legacy will always be there Mehdi. Which is truly inspirational. My thoughts go to all his family, friends, ed Banger crew and fans that like me will always remember you.

Download one of the latest mixes Mehdi did (Recorded live at Paris Social Club)
Dj Mehdi – Tunisian Summer Mix