>Last day in New York…

Soon I’ll be retuning to LDN (what I call home nowadays) after two weeks here in New York…some of the things I would love to say I liked the most about this trip were:

The first *GIRLCORE* NYC at ALPHABETA! it was good fun! but next time I’ll make sure I bring the whole bunch to create even more of a mess!

Lauren Flax’s new remix of You’ve changed, I love the girl! I took her to London last month to play at the *GIRLCORE* stage at Offset Festival, she’s got so much talent and its a great buddie, go check her myspace for upcoming releases and dj dates, she’ll be touring as a dj for Fischerspooner this autumn.

Second thing…Plastic Caramelo! I featured the video on this blog before, go back and check it out! anyways my friends Tatease and Christian Castagno my beautiful hosts in NYC… are invading the blogs with their sticky sound and everyone is asking what comes next, more music! now! go check their myspace!

There are so many cool things happening in New York… so many cool bands and dj’s emerging you must know about the Trouble and Bass crew they’re gonna have their second anniversary bash soon!, also a new band I love is TELEPATHE they’ll be touring the US and europe soon check them out too! can’t wait to see them live…will have to be in London I guess!

One more thing to talk about my time in New York is my live at NACOTHEQUE! It was amazing! i was a little bit nervous but it ended up being lots of fun! I love what Amylu and Marcelo do with that party, it’s definitely one of my favourite night in NYC! go check their myspace and don’t miss Plastic Caramelo’s and Kumbia Queers performances coming soon…

I guess there are much more of things I could talk about of being in NYC this time that I cannot remember right now all I can say its that I love a city where I can hear regueatton coming from the cars passing by and with great pizzas and mexican food. Would love to come and spend a long time recording an album maybe?

For now I leave you to Lil Wayne’s A milli on cumbia version! I picked this from Mad Decent’s Blog go check it out, the guys at Mad Decent keep on updating their blog quite frequently with gems for grabs!

A Milli (Toy Selectah Refix rev)-Lil Wayne

til the next time!