So, last friday I went to Vienna. Invited by Joyce Muniz to play her monthly night ZONA at Cafe Leopold.
Got there at about 1pm on friday with two hours of sleep, feeling like a zombie and manage to leave my moleskine diary in the plane! Damn it! lost lots of lyrics Ive been writing in the last few months (!) argh! oh well I hope someone cool have it and read them and feel happy or think a little… zen thoughts now after been completely crossed and sad about it.

So get picked up by Marcus from the airport, he took me to the hotel (super 60’s hotel…) got there and slept forever…then at about 8:30pm Joyce picked me up and we went to the venue to sound check and have dinner.

I was surprised about how vienna looks, soooo beautiful! Cafe Leopold is on this bit called the Museum Quarter, amazing. Got there had some food and then sound check everything is right for my live.
I get introduced to Motorpitch we get talking, he produces stuff with Dj Beware my man Michael! sweet, super nice dude.
I get talking to Joyce and ask her to say some words for the camera:

Then at around 11:30pm I went to Radio4 for an interview and a live dj set, it was super cool and the guys at the radio station very nice, they made me laugh lots!

Finished the dj set and off to ZONA, got changed and jumped on stage did 6 songs and after the live started djing! It was lots of fun! me and Joyce doing back to back, wicked!
After we went to another radio station on the Museum Quarter and had and after party and djed forever…then hotel slept 1 hour or so and back to London. WOW!