>So *GIRLCORE* last night was ON FIREEEEE! we had late license and it was packed!!
Chantalia Discobar’s dj debut was great! she played so many great tunes! and it was nice to see everyone in their high school attire!
I will upload some photos soon… but the great surprise of the night was Felix from Basement Jaxx coming to the dj booth and saying thank you for playing his track! I was like WTF?! I love your track!
This track is a BOMB! and I been including it in my set lately, I had to tell him how funny I think it is the fact that house is back in fashion (with all the “fidget” and everything) like 9 years ago when they released their first album and how I knew they were gonna come back and teach everyone how to make a killer track cause that’s what they know best! listen to Basement Jaxx Twerk ft. Yo Majesty: