I received this mix last week from my super nice cyber friend, and due to being in Colombia busy with all the family stuff, couldn’t post it before. But here it is a week later but pumping as ever! New mix from Dan M!…The man is on it just listen to his track selection…the whole mix is fire!

End of Seven Mix by Dan M!


Shake it to the ground (Cloude Von Stroke remix) – blaqstarr
Ghetto train (Christian Martin remix) – Justin Martin
Got to be – Consistent
Archangel (Boy 8 Bit simple remix) – Burial
Waking the dread (Switch remix) – Def Inc.
Smoke your self (Consistent remix) – Dave Basek, Phil Smart
Fazzjunk – Rufcut
Hustler (J. Rose remix) – SMD
Badassbass – Riva Starr
Nutdisco (Duckbeats dub remix) – Prztz
Why Dont you (J. Rose/Oliver $ remix) – Plastic operator
One way ticket – Harry Axt
2 b side – Wongo
Fixation – Catz n Dogz
Jewelcase – Dejonka, Phunklaique
No legal (Jeik remix) – Greenbeam & Leon
Paranoid – Monty luke, Tasho
Feel the space (Julian Chapter remix) – Shinedoe