>The Legend…


Sunny Saturday for a change in gray London and nothing better to listen to than Pastor Lopez, he really cheers me up, it reminds me being at a bus in Colombia, by the way in Medellin the buses play music, so you’ll be listening to the hit of the moment (or to Latina Stereo if you are lucky) while you get to wherever you need to get, so nice!

On Tuesday the 30th at 10am Im gonna be on diesel radio talking and playing Cumbia! and Champeta, make sure you tune in!

Here’s one classic song by Pastor Lopez, Traicionera, over the years many bad bands have made their versions of this song but there’s nothing like the real thing, maybe its better when you speed it up a bit or maybe screwed…however you like to hear it, listen to this:

Traicionera-Pastor Lopez

NOTE: I just had to add another song, cause, why not?!

Cumbias Colombianas-Pastor Lopez