Last time I was in bogota (Colombia) I shared the bill with Los Compadres at a ROMPECOCOS party…their name translate as very bad ass pigs, the pig dudes, the bad ass pigs dudes…very difficult to translate! Basically they’re a bunch of hard core looking guys rapping some violent, nasty and X RATED lyrics.
Their explicit lyrics mixed with the hard regueatton beat makes an explosive result!
its either you love them or hate them, I particularly enjoy their lyrics and go down to their songs.
Here’s some of their music for you to check out!

La Calle Visajosa
Dame Tiempo

>Rompecocos was a TOTAL SUCCESS!!!

>Last night was ROMPECOCOS “SOUNDS MACHINE” party organised by my friend MADMIX…
The line up included: COMPADRES RECERDOS (Live!), MADMIX AND me.
It was crazy and we had a lot of fun!..and it was the first time I sang Pela’o entirely live! the first time i sang pela’o was in NY when teki called me onstage to sing and I was so embarrassed, anyways last night was the night…A memorable night.
Thanks to everyone who came and made this party “Tremendo Vacilon”
Here are a few pictures from the night…

Me on the mix, MadMix checking everything goes as planned.

Me djing and some of MadMix’s visuals at the back, the boy does the best visuals ever!

La people

Ota and Naty

Lucas having fun…

My sister and some of her friends came to support! here they are with Naty.

More pipol…

Bunny and crowd

Nat and me at the back (check the ammount of beers on the table…)

Mauro (Rec Made) dancing.