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    >Te Seguire Queriendo – Rafael Orozco

  • >HOT.

    > Shakira – She Wolf (La Loba) from Foreverinmortal on Vimeo.

  • >The Legend…

    > Sunny Saturday for a change in gray London and nothing better to listen to than Pastor Lopez, he really cheers me up, it reminds me being at a bus in Colombia, by the way in Medellin the buses play music, so you’ll be listening to the hit of the moment (or to Latina Stereo […]

  • >El Botellón (Uproot Andy Bass Remix)

    >The original song is El Botellón by Grupo Naidy from the album ¡Arriba Sueña Marimba! They play currulao music, which is native to Buenaventura, and is considered one of the most African of the Afro Colombian genres. Also their interpretations are very authentic and traditional. The band is based in Cali now. here’s what the […]

  • >Arepa Overdose Set

    >I just uploaded a new set on my myspace profile…go check it out and download it if you want…its just 6 mins long and I did it during an intense overdose of arepa.That’s the kind of things you do after almost 3 weeks of solid arepa eatin’… arepa con huevo, arepa con chorizo, arepa con […]

  • >I arrived two days ago…Im in Colombia!

    >I never thought I was gonna be as happy of being in Colombia as I was last tuesday night, a cousin was waiting for me at the airport and as we were driving on the way to my sister’s flat my heart was beating so hard and all I could think was how beautiful Bogota […]