And to celebrate the fact that I’m in Mexico I asked my now friend Cani from Bonde do Zombinhos to do a mix in which he could show us some of the stuff they’ve been working on!

Mixtape Snippets Surprise :: Bonde do Zombinhos + Cani ::

1.- Touch me tonight kiss my on the floor – Cani + BDZ
2.- Jackin da Fyah ¡¡¡ – Cani
3.- Funk Carioca is MUNDIAL (Instrumental)- BDZ + Cani + Specials Guest coming soon ???
4.- K.I.E.V – Cani
5.- Chaos Massacre – Cani
6.- Anel (Zuzuka Poderosa – Music: Bonde do Zombinhos + Cani) – Rio Neurotic Bass Records (Brasil)

Also Cani will be collaborating with this blog from now on from Mexico! nice!