>Some photos from my trip so far: (11/27/2007)
>I received a message from Dj Teenage Wolf asking me about photos from NY…Here they are my friend!
Some of them I took, some are taken by other people/friends…

This was after my first ever Thanksgiving dinner:

Me and my friend Eric on top of a roof

Me and a beer…by Eric

some of the N.Y. crew:

The boyband and a fan:

New York crew 2:

Getting tanned @ Nacotheque!

-Charlotte are you sure you know how to use the camera?
with Amylu and Marcelo @ Nacotheque…you guys were great! thank you for everything!

Posing with my friends at this club Lauren Flax was playing at on Thanksgiving day:

More posing please ignore us!

Waiting for the train…

I’ll post more photos soon y’all!
>For Your Viewing Pleasure: MARKY! (11/26/2007)

>GOOD VIBRATIONS-Marky Mark and the funky Bunch.

I came across this video last thursday when we were at a friend’s house for Thanks giving dinner.
I forgot how good this song is an I’m thinking on include it into my sets, Im gonna play it this Saturday @ Savalas (NY) for definite!

>I recommend… (11/25/2007)

you check the EP the guys from NO SURRENDER and RADIOCLIT did together. Is out now! both in the States and the U.K. and there’s some really nice tracks in it!
It features EARS and TUNDE (from TV on the radio)
go to no surrender’s my space to download some of their jams!

>For Your Viewing Pleasure: Skeeter… (11/22/2007)

>My friend Louis showed me this…

crazy things happen in this world!