Fresh fresh fresh! That is Waya Waya. I’d like to introduce one of the new acts signed to my Etoro Records label. Here’s a taster of what they can do and expect much more from these talented duo from Aguascalientes (Mexico).

Waya Waya – Nomada EP

Bembe’s, djembes, ekwe, shekeres, Ogenne, Kalimba, Sakor and other African instruments comprise the primary basis of what the sound of Waya Waya experiment on this EP. If we were to decode these tracks we could find a wide variation of rhythms influenced mainly by the ethnic trend with a range of electronic sounds that go from the tribal house, kuduro, bass and more tropical.

Waya Waya is a project that dares to experiment in other rhythms of potential and will soon be bringing out more releases, as well as coming to perform in Europe this summer.

Nomad is the name for this EP by Waya Waya. Rhythms and sounds that come and go, that travel from Mexico throughout the Americas and end at the most impressive part of Africa.

1.-Waya Waya – Nomada (Original Mix) by WayaWaya
2.-Waya Waya – Zulu (Original Mix) by WayaWaya
3.-Waya Waya – Dasi (Original Mix) by WayaWaya


Facebook: Waya Waya