ISA GT - Overdrive Infinity von OverdriveInfinity

My set at Overdrive Infinity in Paris, October 2nd, 2015.
With thanks to Teki Latex and all the crew!

With thanks to Luciana Riso for curating the visuals and Lolo Chambovet for capturing it on camera.

Directed by Isabel GT
Camera: Luciana Riso
Edit: Luciana Riso & Isabel GT
Art department: WW Taylor @ The Feel
Recorded at Hart & Green Studios, London.

With thanks to: Todd Hart, William Green, Andrea Gomez Anzola, Sakky Barnor, Santa, Nancy, Gaby, Lina Santa.

Concept by Isa GT and Myriam Hater
Directed by Myriam Hater
Art Direction by Myriam Hater

Evil Brothers: Dale Slater, Elena Saurel, Veronica Simson and Wesley Presley
Prince Charming: Elena Saurel

Make up by Veronica Simson
Edited by Isa GT
aditional editing Martyn Thomas and Louis Hautemulle

With thanks to Beyond Retro for the costumes.

Leyenda EP out October 17th on Etoro Records!

Directed by IsaGT
Camera: Artelevisual
Make Up: Veronica Simson
Additional edit: Louis Hautemulle
Garments by:Craig Lawrence and Gareth Pugh

Pa Las Mamasitas taken from “Pa Chikirri” EP out now on Man Recordings.

With thanks to Matthew Josephs, Matthew Stone, Karley Sciortino, Natalia Escobar, Elena Saurel, Amandine Soares, Eka Browndy, Craig Lawrence, Fanny and Jessy.

from ‘Pa’ Chikirri’ EP. Out Now on Man Recordings!! Dir. Jonny Kight
Styling by Santa
Clothes by Jojo & Malou, Beyond Retro
Dancers: Karley Sciortino, Marina Gasolina and Emy Popozuda