Sunday 7am, woke up and haven’t been able to go back to sleep! It happens sometimes…oh well…I pick up my laptop and go on internet, then start going through some of the stuff that happened this week and I remember last Friday morning was the first radio show of Heidi on Radio 1! Quickly I go to the bbc website and start listening…
Great tracks and a chat with legend Richie Hawtin!

Heidi’s Radio 1 Show (not sure if you can access the site from outside the UK/Europe) This service is available for 1 week only…

DON’T miss my MUSICALIA MIAMI BASS Radio Show this Wednesday 29th of Oct on ETORO RADIO!



From now on every edition of MUSICALIA will have a pre party radio show a week prior the actual party! this to introduce the genre to people who might not be familiarized with it
and for those who are, a teaser!

So, the Miami Bass Special of Musicalia will be Wednesday 29th of October on ETORO RADIO from 8-10pm.

Stay tuned!!!