And to celebrate the fact that I’m in Mexico I asked my now friend Cani from Bonde do Zombinhos to do a mix in which he could show us some of the stuff they’ve been working on!

Mixtape Snippets Surprise :: Bonde do Zombinhos + Cani ::

1.- Touch me tonight kiss my on the floor – Cani + BDZ
2.- Jackin da Fyah ¡¡¡ – Cani
3.- Funk Carioca is MUNDIAL (Instrumental)- BDZ + Cani + Specials Guest coming soon ???
4.- K.I.E.V – Cani
5.- Chaos Massacre – Cani
6.- Anel (Zuzuka Poderosa – Music: Bonde do Zombinhos + Cani) – Rio Neurotic Bass Records (Brasil)

Also Cani will be collaborating with this blog from now on from Mexico! nice!


>So I got here post Coachella, Indio, the desert… seeing bands and dj’s, L.A. palms and power shakes with my friend Price James who was in L.A. filming the video for The Gossip’s new single Heavy Cross…

Then I headed to Guadalajara (Mexico) to visit my bro and his family and to play two gigs… one in La Feria de San Marcos in Aguascalientes of Friday and the other one with hosted by Suave Crew in Guadalajara on Saturday.

Had a ride on one cool coach to get there and waiting for the were Bonde do Zombinhos Jeni and Cani took me around the city…

showed me the Feria and we start having some crazy ‘Micheladas’ from early afternoon…talking music, so excited to see there’s a lot of people so connected in so many different parts of the world! it seemed like we knew each other for a long time!

Zombie micheladinhos!

Later we went to the venue where I met German an old friend an forum brother 😉
there we had so many more drinks including obviously tequilas! with some crazy stuff to drink after you drink the tequila shot… can’t remember the name right now…

Zombies about to start their show…

The night went amazingly well, Zombinhos killed it and by the time I went on the decks people were on fire! German and I did a bit of back to back but too drunk to remember what we played!


Got early to Suite 87… big, nice place, met Poligono and many other cool dj’s from the Suave crew, including this 14 year old kid WARDRUM who was djing when I got there, damn! he was on fiya! incredible. Props for Fixe and Def LaRocka

The night started a bit slow but at the time I was playing people were doing the train and dancing and cheering! there were some really cool people there shame I wasn’t on the case with my camera but got my photos from Sol Diaz myspace which look far much better than if I had used my camera…

Poligono and friend